9/11 – The Day America was Shaken

We are about to observe the 15th anniversary of September 11, 2001 – 9/11 – the day Islamic savages murdered almost 3000 innocent human beings in America. This evil was committed in the name of their idol – Allah.

When 9/11 happened people asked me why God would allow such a thing to take place in America. I responded that America was witnessing a physical manifestation of God’s judgment upon us because America had turned from God and had chosen to embrace and celebrate sin. I further said unless America repents and turns back to God something worse will happen. Since then we have witnessed Islamic savages behead, drown, and burn alive innocent human beings in other parts of the world in the name of their idol, in effect declaring war against all who refuse to bow the knee to Allah – particularly Christians.

But it will get worse. Because America refused to repent after 9/11, God’s judgment will manifest itself in ever increasing forms of evil bringing death and destruction on an unprecedented scale. The Islamic savages use of nuclear weapons will be used as soon as they are available to them.

The only way to stop this is for America to turn back to God.

Listen to the sermon “9/11 The Day America was Shaken”, then pray for America to repent

Revelation Session 2

Our study in the Book of Revelation continues as we look at the Churches of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, and Thyatira in Chapter 2. These letters were written 2000 years ago, but they still have much to teach us, Christians and non-Christians, today.

The Mark of the Beast

Mention the mark of the beast and the most common response you get has something to do with the number 666. That’s understandable since the book of Revelation says the mark of the beast is the name of the beast or the number of its name which we are told is 666.

Further, most popular beliefs about this mark is that it will be a tattoo of the number “666” or something else on the right hand or forehead. I don’t believe that. Others believe it will be a computer chip implanted inside the right hand or forehead. I don’t believe that.

I will tell you what I believe it is and why I believe it and you are free to agree with me or not. It’s more than a tattoo or computer chip – much more. In fact, there are people today who bear this mark and are doing everything they can to stamp you with it. And unless you understand exactly what this mark is they will succeed in doing just that. You won’t see it on your right hand or your forehead, but it will be there.

Let me explain…listen to this sermon.

Revelation Session 1

Late in the 1st century the Apostle John penned a book that has fascinated countless millions of people for 2000 years. This is the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, the last book in the New Testament. And of all the books in the Bible it is possibly the most studied – and the most misunderstood, and the most feared for within its pages we are introduced to a man who is the satanic embodiment, the satanic incarnation of Evil. This man is called the Antichrist or the Beast. It is his mark, the Mark of the Beast, that many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, fixate upon and Hollywood has sensationalized in numerous movies and TV shows.

Churches have split over the interpretation of Revelation. Does it teach a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, a Mid-Tribulation Rapture, a Post-Tribulation Rapture? Is the Millennial (1000) year reign of Jesus Christ literally a 1000 years or is it just a figure of speech? Who are the 144000? Who are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Who are the Two Witnesses? Does Revelation tell the story of national Israel or is it the story of the Church – the Israel of God? And on and on and on.

We’re going to go through this book and I will answer those questions and more. That is I will answer those questions the best I can and tell you why I believe what I believe. Can you disagree with me and still be a “good” Christian? Of course. Churches may split over the Book of Revelation, but brothers and sisters in Christ never should.