The First Sin

The book of 3 John is a letter written to a church about 85 to 95 AD. It is only 15 verses long, but in those 15 verses the word “truth” or ‘true” is used 7 times. When a word is used that many times in such a short space it emphasizes the importance of that word to the writer and to the ones written to. Obviously, John thought truth was something this church needed to be reminded of. Why? Part of the reason is because there was a man in this church who had a problem with truth. He opposed the authority and teaching of John himself by slandering him. Also, he wouldn’t allow Christian missionaries that came to the church to preach the truth. This man’s name was Diotrephes and he was guilty of a very serious sin, but a very common sin, a sin that’s alive and well in the world today and even in some churches. What is this sin? It’s the First Sin. Listen along and discover just what this sin is.



All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter


Read the story of little boy here then read my thoughts.

In the ancient Roman Empire children who were deformed or the wrong sex were taken from the home and left to die of exposure and starvation. Human life in general wasn’t considered sacred, especially that of children. This mindset was the result of this pagan empire worshiping a legion of so-called gods and goddesses who’s behavior was far from divine. They are described with very human weaknesses: greed, lust, malice, vengeance, selfishness.

But then a spiritual earthquake shook the foundation upon which these demons masquerading as gods and goddesses built their enslaving lies. The earthquake was Christianity.

As the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread throughout the Roman Empire one of the seismic shifts that radiated out from the birth, life, and death of our Lord was the truth that all human life has value; all human life bears the image of God.

Therefore, Christians began to rescue these abandoned children from death and raise them as their own.

When this truth, that all human life has equal value, for all human life bears the image of God, becomes deeply rooted in one’s spirit, the ridiculousness and hypocrisy and dare I say demonic spirit of any group of people who attempt to make one believe the lives of some matter more than the lives of others is clearly exposed as the lie from hell that it is.

This little boy’s life matters. And his life wouldn’t matter more or less because of the color of his skin. He is precious in God’s eyes, as are you.

All lives matter. Period.