Gosnell Movie

If you are pro-life I strongly encourage you to see the movie “Gosnell – The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer”. I also strongly encourage church groups to see this movie. The movie powerfully tells the true story of prolific and late-term abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, without being overly or unnecessarily graphic or sensationalized. Go see this movie and take someone with you.

Gosnell ran an abortion mill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for decades. But this abortion mill was in reality a House of Horrors. The staff was untrained and unlicensed; teenage girls administered powerful drugs to the patients as well as performing the duties of an anesthesiologist when needed. The premises were filthy, medical instruments were repeatedly used without being sterilized, blood was splattered on the floors and medical equipment, cats ran loose throughout the clinic, the severed feet of murdered babies were kept in jars, and dead babies were stuffed in plastic bags and strewn about in hallways and even put in a refrigerator that food was placed in.

Yet, Gosnell ran this House of Horrors without fear of prosecution, or even inspections, by the Philadelphia Health Department for decades because cowardly, politically correct bureaucrats turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed by Gosnell which included not only the unsanitary conditions already mentioned, but the death of a woman resulting from the abortion of her child. Why? What were these politicians, these bureaucrats so afraid of that for 17 years Gosnell’s House of Horrors was considerable untouchable?

Abortion was, and is, a powerful and well-funded evil industry that has bought and paid for, via campaign contributions, the support of government officials who become compliant and effective pawns in a game of life and death for innocent babies. Scared and fearful of their pro-abortion masters they meekly take their orders from them, voting to protect their interests – regardless of how horrific those interests might be.

Thus, Gosnell was virtually untouchable – until he came under suspicion of illegally purchasing the drugs he used in his abortion mill. That suspicion inadvertently led to Gosnell’s trial as America’s biggest serial killer, a trial that was, disgracefully, almost totally ignored by the Mainstream Media at first – another indication of the power and influence of the abortion industry in America. But justice did prevail and that is what this movie is about.

Earlier, I encouraged pro-life individuals and churches to see this movie. Now, I want to challenge those who are pro-abortion to see it. If you can watch this movie and remain pro-abortion you need to check your pulse because if you can watch this movie about a real-life serial killer and still support abortion you may just discover that your body is alive, but that your soul is on life-support and that your spirit is dead.