No “Pal” of Mine

One of the most vehement accusations unbelievers throw in the face of Christians is that of hypocrisy. And while hypocrisy is a legitimate charge against some Christians, hypocrisy is not exclusive to them. Unbelievers scream “Love Wins” while spewing profanities and blasphemies and death threats at those who take a stand for traditional marriage; that is, the union between one man and one woman. To be able to engage at this level of hypocrisy with a straight face, to scream “Love Wins” while hatred toward other people is being gleefully rain down upon them, is truly astonishing.

But hypocrisy goes beyond individuals. Companies also engage in hypocrisy. Of course, strictly speaking companies only engage in hypocrisy as an extension of its owners. That means Dan Schulman, CEO of PayPal, is a hypocrite because PayPal engages in hypocrisy.
As you may or may not know PayPal made the decision to not open a new operating center in North Carolina since NC passed a law restricting public bathroom and locker room assess to persons that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificates. CEO Dan Schulman took the NC legislature and Governor to task for what he believes to be legalized discrimination against homosexuals and transgendered persons.

But Schulman’s beliefs are shallow; they lack substance; and they are hypocritical. He isn’t concerned by the rights of homosexuals or others whose lifestyles are based upon sexual perversion.

That becomes obvious when one discovers PayPay does business in several countries that kill homosexuals for being homosexuals. Saudi Arabia is just one such example.

Schulman’s (and PayPal’s) self-righteousness at judging North Carolina for standing for traditional morality while his company is guilty of blatant hypocrisy is disgusting. No doubt his god, his idol, the All-Mighty-Dollar, is well pleased.

But, as a Christian, the All-Mighty-Dollar isn’t my god. Therefore, I will not worship Schulman’s god nor finance his worship of his god. I had a PayPal account, but I have chosen to close it. When I did a form was provided to get my feedback as to why I was closing the account. You can read my response below.

“I closed my account because of PayPal’s values which were made plain when PayPal flexed their financial muscle in an attempt to beat North Carolina into repealing the law requiring persons to use the bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificate. That’s just common sense and to believe otherwise reveals a severe lack of common sense and an acceptance of indecency.

“CEO Dan Schulman condemned NC values by saying: ‘The new law perpetuates discrimination and it violates the values and principles that are at the core of PayPal’s mission and culture.’

“What hypocrisy! PayPal isn’t concerned about discrimination; it’s concerned about the All Mighty Dollar. The fact that PayPal does business in countries that kill homosexuals proves that.

“PayPal’s values have as much worth as fool’s gold. But then anyone who believes males should be allowed to use a female restroom and for a female to use a male restroom is a fool.”

If you’re a Christian and you have a Paypal account I strongly urge you to consider closing that account and telling Schulman exactly why.