Defending Cold Blooded Murder

Jesus told His disciples that one of the signs of the end of the age and of His return would be an increase in lawlessness with the result of the hearts of most people growing cold.

“And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12 ESV).

The ISIS terrorists, Islamic zealots, once again kill innocent human beings in sacrifice to their god, Belgium becoming the most recent country they have chosen as their altar on which to offer their human sacrifices.

These Islamic zealots are savages, inhuman, barbaric, and demonic. The evil they proudly cloth themselves with is so shocking and malevolent that even the conscience of a world largely numbed and desensitized to man’s inhumanity to man shows signs of life when innocent people are beheaded, put in a cage and drowned, burned alive, or blow to bits.
These monsters deserve to be hunted down by the governments of the world and destroyed, just as the monsters that arose in the 30s and 40s were hunted down and destroyed in an event known as World War 2.

The evil the Islamic zealots incarnate must be met with unfettered force and destroyed or it will spread across this globe as a malignant cancer until every man, woman, and child either bows before it as slaves or is killed.

But this malignant cancer of evil that manifests itself so glaringly through the religious beliefs of Islamic zealots isn’t limited to them. Like physical cancer it manifests itself in a variety of ways in every part of the body, some of those ways being obvious, some of those ways being more subtle, but the evil is the same – and deadly if left untreated.
We have such a cancer here in America and not only is it not treated it’s given an endless supply of fresh blood on which to thrive. That cancer is abortion and the endless supply of fresh blood is 500 million of your federal tax dollars being infused into the foremost organization in which that evil is headquartered – Planned Parenthood.

We give vent with righteous indignation when Islamic zealots behead innocent human beings, but not when Planned Parenthood zealots do so to infants in the womb. We are outraged when Islamic radicals burn innocent human beings alive, but not when Planned Parenthood radicals to so to infants in the womb by pumping saline solutions into the embryonic fluid.

Make no mistake the evil is the same between these two entities. The only difference is one – Islamic zealots – is seen as evil and condemned by most of the world; the other – Planned Parenthood and their disciples – is seen as good and embraced by those whose hearts have grown cold in the spiritual darkness they live in having been blinded to the truth by Satan.

Don’t believe it? Watch this video from “Live Action”.

href=””>Live Action on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How can a nation that prints and engraves the words “In God We Trust” on every piece of its currency and then hypocritically embrace and finance an industry that actively withholds lifesaving medical care to a newborn, each one created in the image of the God we say we trust; thereby murdering a million human beings a year, condemn Islamic radicals who engrave the words “In God We Trust” on their hearts and then, from fanatical devotion to their “god”, embrace and finance an empire that murders far fewer human beings?

We are fools if we believe God will judge Islamic terrorists for the atrocities they inflict upon the innocent while believing He will not judge us for the atrocities we inflict upon the innocent.

America’ hypocrisy comes with a very high price and unless we repent as a nation and as individuals and turn back to Yahweh, we will pay every cent.

The Butchers of Planned Parenthood

Over the last several months the Center for Medical Progress conducted a series of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s involvement with the procurement of baby body parts for sale (or donation) to various organizations.

To say that this activity is diabolical would be an understatement.

Abortion is not only murder, it is the murder of the most innocent and defenseless of all human beings – the unborn. And no other organization in America murders more of these little boys and girls than Planned Parenthood. But not satisfied with murdering these little ones they are guilty of intentionally murdering them in ways that allow them to harvest as many intact body parts as possible for nefarious purposes.

Planned Parenthood is Evil incarnate. And yet the United States gives this Evil Empire, currently headed by Cecile Richards, over $500 million dollars a year in your federal tax dollars.

The fact that it exists at all in a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian beliefs is a sign of the depth of depravity America now embraces as normal and good. We have become spiritually deaf and blind to the Truth. We don’t want to hear Planned Parenthood murders and then butchers little boys and girls; nor do we want to see the proof of it. Unless that changes America will pay a very great price for enabling this horror.

Because we a nation have willfully turned away from the Truth God has been and is now pouring His wrath out upon us. In what way you ask?

A sign of a nation under God’s judgment is the rule of godless and unholy leaders. The wrath of God has been poured out on us by the election of men and women, men and women we freely voted into office, who will do and are doing the will of their father, the devil.

Among those are Obama, a radically pro-abortion man who strongly supports Planned Parenthood. Among them are also several members of Congress. These cowards, including Jon Tester, one of my senators, are so spiritually corrupt, having been infected with demonic thinking, when given the opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood after the Center for Medical Progress released several videos documenting Planned Parenthood’s crimes against humanity voted to continue giving Cecile Richards the annual $500 million dollars of blood money to her Evil Empire.

For this alone we deserve God’s wrath, the withdrawal of His presence with all the consequences that result from His departure. But it’s not too late.

As you decide who to vote for as President this year it is my prayer that whoever you vote for will defund this domestic terrorist organization – Planned Parthood. Further, it is necessary that we elect leaders, from dog-catcher to President who are pro-life. If we don’t America will fall. It’s not a matter of “If”, but “When”.

Flying United with Planned Parenthood

United Airlines: To Whom it May Concern:

“It has come to my attention that United censors Live Action News, a pro-life organization, from internet access on your flights, but allows the pro-abortion sites of Planned Parenthood and NARAL to be accessed.
“That, in a word, is despicable.

“United has shown the murder, butchering, and harvesting of baby body parts is compatible with your values, but shining the light of truth upon organizations that practice this evil, won’t be tolerated.

“I don’t fly often so losing my business will have practically zero impact on United’s bottom line. So, when I tell you I will not fly United as long as you refuse to allow a pro-life perspective to be accessed on your flights, I know my this email will not be a cause of concern to you.

“But that’s not the point. Being a voice for the voiceless, for the innocent who are being offered up in sacrifice to the American Idol “Choice” is.”

Planned Parenthood backs United Airlines censorship of Live Action News

Planned Parenthood Unmasked

In World magazine’s January 23th edition, their Roe v Wade edition, their feature article on abortion articulated this observation:

“Furthermore, most Americans did not view the CMP ( The Center for Medical Progress ) videos, and many barely heard of them. During one two-week period after the initial videos emerged, ABC, CBS, and NBC gave nearly three times more attention to the death of Cecil the Lion, shot by dentist Walter Palmer in Africa, than to the selling of organs from a few of the nearly 60 million unborn children aborted since 1973.”

That is scandalous, particularly in a nation that refers to itself as a Christian nation. As a nation we have proven by the outrage voiced by millions of Americans and the network news organizations that we care more about the death of a lion while the voice of those who attempt to expose the murder and butchering and harvesting of baby body parts for sale to the highest bidder by Planned Parenthood barely registers on the American conscience. Their voice is ignored or shouted down.

That needs to change – now. Every person in America, particularly those who call themselves Christian should feel obligated to find these videos and watch them. Given how graphic they are they will be difficult to watch. (If they’re not difficult for you to watch you need to check your pulse). But given the horror Planned Parenthood disguises as compassion Americans, particularly Christians, need to watch these videos so the truth can be known.

Then, you need to share these videos through whatever means you have available to you.
In honor of the 55 to 60 million little baby boys and girls that have been murdered at the hands of abortionists in America since 1973 when our government legally bowed the knee to the idol called “Choice”, I will be posting the videos, one at a time, that the Center for Medical Progress courageously created last year in an attempt to bring light into the satanic darkness in which abortionists in general and Planned Parenthood in particular live.

I encourage you, I implore you in the name of Jesus Christ to share these videos as many times as it takes to bring our nation back into the Light before it’s too late.

An American Idol

“Who, in their right mind, would sacrifice one of their children to an idol? The answer is: No one in their right mind would offer one of their children in sacrifice to an idol. But, fallen man is frequently not in his right mind in the sense that he believes lies which contradict reality, which is what insanity is: believing lies rather than the truth.” – Terry L Brown, “An American Idol”